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International Charitable Foundation “International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine” (Alliance Ukraine) is a leading professional organization fighting HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine in cooperation with the key civil society organizations, Ministry of Health and other governmental bodies by managing prevention programs and providing high quality technical assistance and financial support to the local organizations. All these efforts are targeted at achieving the universal access in Ukraine and effective community-level response based on the achieved results and best practices.
    Alliance Ukraine started operating at the end of 2000 in the form of international technical assistance project within the framework of Transatlantic HIV Prevention Initiative supported by the US Agency for International Development and the European Union (2000-2004).
    As an independent legal entity registered in Ukraine since 2003 and upon establishment of its own governing bodies since January 2009, Alliance Ukraine shares the values and remains a member of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance global partnership – an international charitable foundation uniting 30 organizations from different countries, with its secretariat in Brighton (UK).
    Since the moment of its establishment Alliance Ukraine demonstrates sustainable organizational development. It makes a daily, uninterrupted contribution to combating the epidemic. As of today Alliance Ukraine accounts for 70% of the total epidemic response in the country. For a number of years our contribution was the most significant among the non-governmental organizations which made Alliance a leader in supporting the state in the fight against AIDS.
    Alliance Ukraine has deployed antiretroviral therapy programs, implemented substitution maintenance therapy, pharmacy-based HIV prevention, prevention among street children. As of the moment the Alliance’s efforts are focused first of all on the prevention among vulnerable groups. In addition to HIV prevention, Alliance is implementing the programs against tuberculosis (TB), viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases (STI). The Alliance regularly implements researches, endeavors innovative approaches and spreads best practices in Ukraine and the entire world.

    Mission of Alliance Ukraine Our mission is to reduce the spread of the HIV infection and AIDS mortality and alleviate the negative impact of epidemic through supporting community action against HIV/AIDS in Ukraine and disseminating effective approaches to HIV prevention and care throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

    Values of Alliance Ukraine
    The Alliance-Ukraine builds on human rights, public health and socio-economic development approaches. Our work is underpinned by a set of shared values. We believe that:
    • The lives of all human beings are of equal value. People’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS is increased by unequal power relations. These arise, in particular, from poverty and the abuse of people’s human rights.
    • Gender, religion, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation are all sources of vulnerability and unequal power in most societies.
    • Everyone has the right to access the information and services they need. People should have access to accurate and complete information about HIV prevention, comprehensive prevention programmes, and initiatives that promote the selfdetermination, dignity and quality of life for people living with HIV, and for groups who are likely to affect, or be affected by, the spread of HIV/AIDS. People have the right to access AIDS care and treatment and appropriate health and social services, including treatment and palliative care for those with AIDS.

    The main strategic objectives of Alliance Ukraine:
    Objective 1. Services: providing comprehensive evidence-based services for vulnerable populations in the concentrated epidemics.
    Objective 2. Policy and human rights: the impact on policy making for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and drug use in order to reduce stigma and discrimination, and protect human rights.
    Objective 3. Mobilizing communities: support and mobilization of communities for active involvement in the response to the epidemic.
    Objective 4. Center for Best Practices: dissemination of best practices and innovations for effective response to the epidemic.

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