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16.12.2008 December 30, 2008 New Years charitable action: Young Art against AIDS at the Treatment Clinics for children with HIV/AIDS (Okhmatdyt hospital). Your help is needed!
New Years charitable celebration: Young Art against AIDS at the Treatment Clinics for HIV-positive/ AIDS children (Okhmatdyt hospital)
Since 2006, ICF International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine has been commemorating the World AIDS Day by organizing charitable exhibition-fairs Young Art against AIDS. The event aimed to draw public attention to problems faced by HIV-infected children and promoting more tolerant and sensitive attitude towards children affected by the epidemic. Only last year, over 500 young and professional artists and talented children donated their works for the charitable fair. Overall, that event helped to collect about UAH 53,000 of contributions. In 2006, the funds were spent on new furniture, bathroom, toys, DVD player, TV and many educational CDs and toys for the youngest HIV-infected children of Bila Tserkva orphanage. Whereas, in 2007 Alliance-Ukraine handed the raised charitable funds over to the Okhmatdyt to purchase necessary medical supplies for HIV-infected children.
December 30, 2008, International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine organizing an artistic celebration at the premises of the Treatment Clinics for HIV-positive/ AIDS children Center. The Treatment Clinics for HIV-positive/ AIDS children Center was created in 2007 to improve quality of medical services provided to HIV-positive/AIDS children in Ukraine. Over the Centers run time, the clinical unit received 226 primary patients. Despite poor funding, the Clinic continues functioning, scaling up access to ARVs, actively implementing the standards of comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS treatment. Any support offered to the clinic will improve the medical maintenance of children, especially during in-patient treatment. It is worth mentioning that an average stay in the clinic assumes 28 days of treatment; the maximum treatment course ended up with 101 days. Too much time, long enough for developing hospitalism! 20% of children having received treatment in the in-patient department stayed there alone, no mother or other guardians care. As a rule, these are children from orphanages, shelters, and internats. This proves the alarming need of a friendly and positive environment for the in-patient treatment to be conducted in Treatment Clinics for HIV-positive/ AIDS children (Okhmatdyt hospital)
The event will start with a New Years celebration with Father Frost and Snow Maiden who will greet children with the forthcoming New Year, conduct contests, play games, competitions, will sing and dance. The festive celebration will finish with giving out presents: sweets, toys and clothes. The celebration will continue with art master classes for children. The master classes will be conducted by the artists who participated in the previous Alliance charitable events. Suggested kinds of handcrafts are: clay, wood, stuffed toys, dolls. A tasty festive holiday lunch will close the New Years celebration.
Any support and help in the celebration is welcomed!
Thus, organizing the New Year's celebration: Young Art against AIDS at the premises of the Treatment Clinics for HIV-positive/ AIDS children Alliance plans to collect:
Clothes and footwear
Books and discs
New Year's tree decorations
Baby body-care cosmetics and materials
Handcrafts materials for master classes
Find out more about New Year's celebration: Young Art against AIDS call/e-mail to Olga Lutsyk: 8-044-490-54-85 (86, 87, 88) ext. 205,

Press-release : December 17th -The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers   

"Human Rights against AIDS" exhibition (10-14 December, Andriyskiy yzviz, 22-a, Soviart).   





Info note dedicated to the World AIDS Day 2008:
Five Year Program Implemented by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine brought real results AIDS incidence started to decrease in the country!
Press-release: "Test on which the life depends"
MoH of Ukraine confirms its responsibility regarding providing of antiretroviral treatment for 6070 patients.
Exhibition Human rights against AIDS (10-14 December, Soviart gallery): LOOKING FOR EXHIBITS
Events of partner organizations
Levis conducts World AIDS Day project Play Safe
Events in some regions of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH
Red Ribbon event. 1 December. 12:30. Red Ribbon Memorial.
Candle light walk
Tolerance! Erasing boundaries
Photoexhibition-competition Life wins
Information materials:
5. World AIDS Day: Address Needs of Drug Users

19.11.2008 Looking for art works  
Exhibition dedicated to 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the frames of World AIDS Day 2008

04.11.2008 Press-announcement 1 million dollars on mobile HIV/AIDS prevention: for the first time in Ukraine 14 mobile clinics will provide medical and consultative services to persons most vulnerable to HIV.  

29.10.2008 The first School of Social Journalistic on HIV/AIDS was conducted  

27.10.2008 USA CONTINUES TO SUPPORT RESPONSE TO HIV/AIDS IN UKRAINE: visit of Ambassador Mark Dybul, Coordinator of US PEPFAR, to Kyiv, 15-16 October 2008
On 15-16 October 2008, Ambassador Mark Dybul, Global HIV/AIDS Coordinator for the U.S. Government Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) visited Kyiv. Delivery of medication assisted therapy/ MAT (more widely known as substitution treatment/ ST) has been in the focus of the visit.
In Kyiv International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine manages MAT service provision at the Kyiv AIDS Centre, covering 50 male and female HIV-infected injection drug users, with the support of USAID and Global fund. Ukraine is the only country in the FSU region where USAID support the scale-up of methadone based ST.
On 15 October the Ambassador Dybul visited this MAT site at the Kyiv city AIDS centre. Particular attention was paid to the achievements of PMTCT services as well as social support and rehabilitation for the MAT and ART patients that became possible through the GF grant implemented by the Alliance in Ukraine.
The visit to AIDS Kyiv city clinic was followed by the press conference with the participation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine top level officials Minister Knyazevych, 1st Deputy Minister Bidniy, and Head of the HIV/AIDS-TB Committee Vasyl Petrenko, GFATM Regional Portfolio Manager Tamberg, as well as Kyiv AIDS Centre Director Yurchenko and Executive Director of Alliance-Ukraine Andriy Klepikov. Joint statement on partnership to scale-up ST services for injecting drug users between representatives of the Ministry of Health and international organizations was signed during the press conference. It has declared intentions of the U.S. and Ukraines governments to continue close co-operation on counteracting HIV/AIDS, particularly by scaling-up of methadone-based ST.
The next day, on October 16, Mark Dybul had a round table discussion with stakeholders running ST programmes in Ukraine, hosted by the Alliance-Ukraine. High level representatives the UN agencies, GFATM, French Red Cross Country Delegation, Ukrainian and international civil society organizations, incl. Network of People Living with HIV, Coalition of HIV-services NGOs and Alliance-Ukraine, participated in the meeting. Priority areas where interventions should be done in order to scale up ST and challenges, stakeholders were facing during ST roll out were discussed. Mr. Dybul has confirmed the commitment from OGAC to continue supporting Ukraines ST scale up.


9.10.2008 Announcement «School of social journalistic on HIV/AIDS topic»
ICF International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine announces the first workshop on improving qualifications of journalists of periodicals for vulnerable to HIV groups and AIDS-service NGOs School of social journalistic on HIV/AIDS in School of Journalistic of the National University of Kiev-Mohila Academy. The workshop is conducted within the Programme supported by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The workshop will take place in Kyiv on 20-24 October 2008

01.10.2008 SUNRISE section has been updated. We have added «Working meeting on IDU prevention among young people (September 2008)».

29.09.2008 Materials of fourth national scientific-practical conference "Development of system for monitoring and evaluation of actions to fight HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine" (Ukr.) 
25.09.2008 Press-announce «Living Library opens for the second time» (Ukr.)

24.09.2008 Analysis of international experience of femidom use in HIV/STI prevention. Support for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care for Most Vulnerable Populations in Ukraine R6 Programme (2007-2012) supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria proposed a female condom (femidom) to be introduced in prevention activities among FSW as an additional barrier contraception method. To ensure a solid and reasonable start up of a large-scale HIV prevention method among the FSW which is a new to the country, the ICF International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine conducted analysis of international experience in female condom interventions, attitudes of FSW being prevention project clients towards introducing the barrier contraception method and learning the risks of femidom use in HIV/STI prevention as seen by regional social workers of the FSW prevention projects. (Ukr.)

30.08.2008 Summer advocacy school - 2008. Advocacy in HIV/AIDS field: overcoming obstacles together!"

In July 2008 ICF "International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" in partnership with the OSI International Harm Reduction Programme conducted the third summer school in HIV/AIDS advocacy for the local HIV-service organizations. This year the participants discussed implementation of the substitution and maintenance therapy for drug users. The focus of this year summer school was at learning how to advocate for the NGO clients rights for substitution maintenance therapy in their regions. The participants learned how to draft and implement the projects directed at overcoming obstacles in ensuring access to the SMT programmes for the vulnerable populations.  

21.08.2008 From 21 August to 3 September 2008 the draft social service standards for the HIV/TB co-infection "Protocol of TB-screening, diagnoses, referral and care& support for people with HIV/TB co-infection" will be open for public discussion on-line for at the Coalition of HIV-service organizations web-page: (documents and discussion are available only in Ukrainian and/ or Russian)

12.08.2008 National Report on Monitoring Progress Towards the UNGAS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS
Reporting Period: January 2006 December 2007 


au     PRESS-RELEASE      levis

On the results of the first large-scale HIV prevention campaign among students
15 thousand students got tested with HIV rapid tests from April till July 2008 under an information and prevention campaign organised by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine with the support of Levi Strauss Foundation. Testing was free, anonymous, and voluntary. More than 100 thousand students in Kyiv, Odesa and Dniprpopetrovsk received information about HIV/AIDS, HIV transmission modes, HIV testing sites.
The campaign brought some HIV positive results the majority of which were related to injecting drug use and to a lesser extent - to unprotected sex.
You may find more information on the results of the campaign . in the attached files 

26.06.2008 On 12 June 2008 the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports hosted a meeting of the Ministry working group on development of social services standards in the field of HIV/AIDS. Four social services standard projects developed jointly by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund "Coalition of HIV-service organisations" and the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports under the project "Ensuring favorable conditions for the Global Funds grant implementation" supported by the All-Ukrainian Network of PLH were presented during the meeting. The standard projects are available for a distant review at: Please, send public comments and recommendations to Olha Tsviliy (e-mail: by 03 July 2008. The comments are accepted in editing format. After the public review deadline the received comments will be accumulated and discussed at public hearing on the standards.

26.06.2008 26 June the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
- Press-release  
-The Petition to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice of Ukraine with a request to prevent further criminalization of drug users. 
-The petition to the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon  

Sign the Petition to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice of Ukraine with a request to prevent further criminalization of drug users.  

11.06.2008 International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" call for participants willing to study in a summer school "Advocacy in HIV/AIDS Sphere" (Kozyn, July 29- August 7, 2008). 

03.06.2008 Representatives of the ICF "International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" (Alliance Ukraine) took an active part in the Second Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference organized in Moscow on 3-5 May 2008 

28.05.2008 Materials of the 14th Stakeholders' Meeting on the GFATM Round 1 and Round 6 Grants to Ukraine 

More than twenty leaders and representatives of the biggest non-governmental and international organisations as well as state institutions involved in HIV/AIDS response in Ukraine signed an address letter to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The letter expressed their deep anxiety and concern over a range of burning problems as well as unsatisfactory implementation of the HIV/AIDS response commitments overtaken by the Government of Ukraine.
Information note  
Open address letter 
Progress update on implementation of the GFATM Programmes presented by Mr. Andriy Klepikov, Executive Director of the Alliance Ukraine, at the 14th General Meeting of Stakeholders  

15.05.2008 On May 14th 2008 Ukrainian popular singer Kasha from band Krykhitka Tsakhes undertook an HIV test within the Alliance campaign on HIV prevention among students of Kyiv, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk supported by the Levi Strauss Foundation.
"Ive tested for HIV for the third time because Im an adult person and live in Ukraine along with at least 400 thousand HIV-infected people. I believe that its a mature and normal act to get to know your HIV-status, - Kasha shared her impressions. - I may only hope that my example will help to confirm that there is nothing to be afraid of in living with illness. Its far more frightful not know about it and keep spreading currently an incurable illness".
MTV-UA "News" (MPEG Video, 12 Mb)


5.05.2008 "Nothing About Us without Us": report and manifesto by people who use illegal drugs on meaningful involvement of people who use drugs in the response to HIV and in decisions that affect their lives in Russian for Central and Eastern Europe and formal USSR countries was published.

23.04.2008 At the meeting of the National Council counteracting HIV/AIDS and TB in Ukraine, which took place on 21 April 2008, it was decided to extend the call for proposal to select proposals and Principal Recipients of the GF TB Grant for the 8th Round till 12 May 2008, 18:00.Attached documents  

14.04.2008 On April 15th, 2008, was launched mass campaign on HIV prevention in student youth of 50 higher educational establishments of Kyiv, Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk. The project is implemented by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine, HIV-servicing non-profit organisations in partnership with universities and medical institutions under the support of Levi Strauss Foundation.
On April 16th, 2008, at 10:30 in information agency UNIAN was hold press-conference dedicated to the project start.  

5 kanal "Novyny" (MPEG Video, 32,7 Mb)
ICTV "Fakty" (MPEG Video, 18,5 Mb)
Inter "Podrobnosti" (MPEG Video, 22,1 Mb)
NTN "Vchasno" (MPEG Video, 26,0 Mb)
Tonis "24 godyny" (MPEG Video, 23,4 Mb)
Radio "Golos Kyiva" (MP3 Audio, 1,52 Mb)



18 May 2008. AIDS Memorial Day
Living Library 

31.03.2008 Ministry of Ukraine for the Family, Youth and Sports Affairs and the ICF "International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" signed the 2008 joint working plan according to provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation. These documents were developed to efficiently coordinate prevention HIV activities among the most high-at-risk groups, care and support for people living with HIV. The joint plan suggests developing coordinated working plans on HIV/AIDS epidemic response of regional administrative departments for the family, youth and sports affairs, centers of social services for children, family and youth and regional sub-grantees/ partners of the Alliance.

28.03.2008 March 21, 2008 National HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Council announced call for proposal to the Global Fund to finance Programme «Overcoming Tuberculosis Epidemic in Ukraine» for 2008 2012.

27.03.2008 Infocentre\Alliance-Ukraine Publication section has been updated. We have added «Series of leaflets for drug users».


"Overcoming stigma and discrimination of female commercial sex workers among medical personnel" training was organized on February 21-23 in Kyiv within the Programme - "Support for HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care for most vulnerable populations in Ukraine" financed by the Global Fund. 

25.01.2008 Electronic Newsletter on the implementation of the National Programme Supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria "Overcoming HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Ukraine" Issue # 22-24, July-September 2007 2007 (PDF, 250 Kb)

23.01.2008 ICF "International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" conducts consultations on project proposals preparation for the open call for proposals on social enterprise that has been announced on January 18, 2008.

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